Firmware Updates

ACCESS Rackmount Firmware 4.5-p2

ACCESS firmware version 4.5-p2 is available for download. This firmware is installed by the user via the Device Manager application.

SPECIAL NOTE: If your ACCESS Rack has a serial number of 7700 to 10368, please contact our Tech Support department before updating.

Download the 4.5-p2 Changelog

Firmware Download Contents:

  • ACCESS Rack 4.5-p2 firmware file [.upd]
  • Device Manager application [.exe and .dmg]
  • Installation Instructions & readme [.txt]
  • ACCESS Rack Product Manual and Addendum [.pdf]
  • Hotswap-Technote [.pdf]
  • 4.5-p2 Changelog [.txt]
Download ACCESS Rackmount Firmware 4.5-p2

ACCESS Rackmount Firmware 3.0-p13

If you have encountered trouble updating your ACCESS Rack firmware to 4.3 or newer and your current version is older (such as 2.8-pX), please consider updating the ACCESS Rack in stages.

First download and extract the contents of the 3.0-p13 zip file and follow the included instructions. Once the unit is updated, continue updating to the latest firmware.

Download ACCESS Rackmount Firmware 3.0-p13

Comrex Version Security Concerns and Firmware Fixes


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