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Jan 18

Transitioning to IP Is Easy With Comrex VH2

Radio Engineering Services helps WDST bring its phone system into the IP world By Randy Mills, Engineer Radio Engineering Services HUDSON VALLEY, N.Y. — I work for Radio Engineering Services, a New York-based company. We maintain, design and build systems and studios for a range of clients including Cumulus Media, Townsquare Media and others. One of […]

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Jan 10

Predictions: Here’s What We Think Will Be Big In 2018

A new year brings new trends in broadcasting. At Comrex, part of our job is predicting the next big thing. In the following conversation, Sales Director Chris Crump discusses what’s coming next in 2018.  What trends do you expect to see at trade shows this year? What are the big things in radio that people […]

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Dec 13

Impact Influences Investors With Comrex

Impact Partnership is the fastest growing company in the investment insurance and annuities industry. We’re a key distribution partner for fourteen leading US insurance and investment annuity companies – we inform advisors and agents about financial products, and through comprehensive marketing, we help them reach and educate people who are looking to retire. Radio is […]

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Dec 13

North Metro Television Goes Wireless with Comrex LiveShot

BLAINE, Minn. — North Metro Television is the community access television station serving Blaine, Minn., and the surrounding suburbs. In addition to providing a platform for locally produced content on our community channel, we run a separate channel for broadcasting local sports, news and government coverage. Before adopting Comrex LiveShot, we were not able to broadcast live […]

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Mar 01

Comrex BRIC-Links Are a Slam Dunk

By Mike Sprysenski, Market Engineering Manager iHeartMedia Orlando ORLANDO, Fla. —As the market engineering manager for iHeartMedia, I oversee the technical operations for all of the company’s radio stations here. We use both Access and BRIC-Link units for various applications like remotes and STL links. I have been extremely pleased with the reliability and flexibility […]

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Dec 06

BRIC-Link II: High Quality Voice-overs, Without the ISDN Price Tag

For Sean Caldwell, quality is of the utmost importance. While working as a creative director in advertising and promotion during the early 90s, Sean Caldwell discovered that ISDN could be world-changing. “I found that ISDN allowed me to do work not only in my local area, but all over the world,” said Sean. “It was […]

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Dec 04

See Chris Crump explain ACCESS NX at NAB New York!

At NAB New York 2017, Comrex sales director Chris Crump took a moment to speak with IABM about ACCESS NX, our latest IP audio codec. Watch the video to learn more about what new features ACCESS NX has to offer. Is your interest piqued? Learn more about ACCESS NX here.

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Nov 10

TRM Corporation Uses ACCESS NX For Everything From Sports To Interviews

Tom MacDonald owns TRM Corporation, a company that provides remote broadcasting services to a wide range of clients. “We do remotes for everybody from the New York Jets, to Sirius, to little mom-and-pop stations,” said Tom. “My gear is everything from a satellite truck to a mixer. You name it, I own it.” TRM Corporation […]

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Nov 14

ACCESS 2USB Helps 89.3 WGSU Serve Their Community

By Michael Saffran Director, 89.3 WGSU WGSU has been serving the SUNY Geneseo community for 54 years. However, until this year, the radio station had never covered commencement exercises. Since 2013 (my first commencement as a faculty member, and the 28th since I graduated from SUNY Geneseo as a student), I’d been thinking that WGSU […]

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Oct 26

Comrex LiveShot Makes BCTV Look Great

By Bill Jennings, Chris Gentry, and Coleen Richardson BCTV is a local community television station in Bedford, New Hampshire, a city with approximately 23,000 residents. We have three broadcast channels: a public channel, a government channel and an education/school district channel. In addition to our broadcast responsibilities, we also stream live video on our station’s web […]

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