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Nov 23

Meet the NX Generation of ACCESS

We officially retired our original and second-gen ACCESS Portable and Rackmount codecs. Now, we are manufacturing our newer ACCESS NX Portable and NX Rack. 

Learn about our latest models along with ACCESS MultiRack, a new multi-channel IP audio codec.

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Oct 01

#ResilientRadio | Celebrating WCRD 2021

Every year, college stations around the globe join forces for a day to celebrate and bring awareness to the unique and important work they do.

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Jul 29

Taking Outside Broadcasts to the NX Level

Outside broadcasts are hard enough without having to worry about your equipment! That’s why we built ACCESS NX, our premiere portable IP audio codec.

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Jul 27

Application Focus: Replacing ISDN with IP

We’ve been guiding people through the transition from ISDN to IP audio for years. Get inspired to take the leap with these stories from our users.

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Feb 15

5 Reasons to Choose ACCESS MultiRack

Need to transport multiple channels of audio? ACCESS MultiRack is a multi-channel IP audio codec built for reliable distribution.

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Jun 22

CrossLock Technology: The “Secret Sauce” Powering Our Codecs

Comrex IP audio codecs are considered the most reliable in broadcast, and CrossLock is the reason why. What makes our technology so special?

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Mar 06

What is a Comrex?

Most people just refer to our gear as “the Comrex”, but we actually make a lot of different products.

So we thought we’d answer the question: What exactly is “a Comrex?”

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May 19

Application Focus: College Sports Coverage

Comrex products are a regular fixture in the college sports world. Check out some Comrex users who make college sports coverage special.

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Mar 26

Goodbye to the TCB-1A

The TCB-1A, designed by Comrex founder John Cheney, revolutionized analog broadcasting. After 35 years, it’s finally being retired.

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Oct 18

Community Media Day is October 20th!

This week is Free Speech Week, and Community Media Day is on Oct. 20th! Learn about these events and why it’s so important to us.

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