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Please note: ACCESS 2USB is no longer available for purchase. Please consider ACCESS NX instead.

Replacing Your ACCESS:
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Meet the NX Generation of ACCESS

Taking Outside Broadcasts to the NX Level

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ACCESS 2USB Compatibility

ACCESS 2USB works with all ACCESS & BRIC-Link IP audio codec models.

Current models –
ACCESS NX Portable
ACCESS MultiRack

Retired models –
ACCESS Portable Classic

ACCESS Portable 2USB
BRIC-Link II (recently retired)

EBU 3326/SIP for third-party compatibility.

ACCESS 2USB Resource Library

Firmware Updates

ACCESS 2USB Firmware 4.6-p3

ACCESS firmware version 4.6-p3 is available for download. This firmware is installed by the user via the Device Manager application.


SPECIAL NOTE: If your ACCESS 2USB has a serial number lower than A2 6200, please contact our Tech Support department before updating.

Leer Primero

Download the 4.6-p3 Changelog

Firmware Download Contents:

  • ACCESS 2USB 4.6-p3 firmware file [.upd]
  • Device Manager application [.exe and .dmg]
  • Installation Instructions & readme [.txt]
  • ACCESS 2USB Manual and Addendum
  • HotSwap-Technote [.pdf]
  • 2USB_4-0_WiFi_Setup [.pdf]
  • 4.6-p3 Changelog [.txt]

Click here for ACCESS Portable Classic firmware (Units with PCMCIA Slots)

Download ACCESS 2USB Firmware 4.6-p3

ACCESS 2USB Firmware 3.0p13

SPECIAL NOTE: If you updated your ACCESS 2USB and received an incompatible message on your ACCESS 2USB screen, please revert to the older firmware by downloading the 3.0p13 firmware package. Use Device Manager to update your firmware back to 3.0p13.

Download ACCESS 2USB Firmware 3.0p13

Comrex Version Security Concerns and Firmware Fixes


Contact Closure Cable Pinout

Download File

Using Comrex Connect Modems on IPV6 or IPV4 Only Networks

Download File

Our New Favorite Wireless Modem

Download File

What's the best 5G modem for use with ACCESS and LiveShot?

Download File

Professional IP Audio Codec Compatibility

Download File

What is CrossLock?

Download File

4.0 firmware FAQ

Download File

ACCESS 2USB Wi-Fi Setup for 4.0 firmware and newer

Download File

Differences between Fleet Commander, Codec Commander and Switchboard

Download File

Making the Transition from ISDN to IP

Download File

Smartphone Apps for use with Comrex Audio Codecs

Download File

Linphone Technote

Download File

Luci Live Technote

Download File

Important Technote on Changes in Switchboard

Download File

Switchboard TS Disclaimer

Download File

URGENT TECHNOTE For ACCESS Portable Users Using Verizon UML295 Modems

Download File

BRIC Technology Overview

Download File

IMPORTANT! Beam Modem info for 3.0 Firmware

Download File


Download File

IP Primer

Download File

ACCESS Xohm Testing

Download File

Round-Robin Remotes with HotSwitch

Download File

WarDriving with BRIC

Download File

ACCESS Portable USDOT Regulations

Download File

Internet Connection Sharing & IP Codecs

Download File

Tranzeo IP Radio Testing

Download File


Download File

Using ACCESS with Thrane & Thrane

Download File

Using ACCESS with BGAN Terminals

Download File

BGAN Terminals Diagram

Download File

Using Broadband Boosters with ACCESS

Download File

POTS Basics

Download File

Using a POTS Codec on a Dry Pair

Download File

Fixing Bad POTS Lines

Download File

Notes on Business Telephone Systems

Download File

MIx-Minus and Eliminating Echo

Download File

Using HotSwap

Download File

Usando "HotSwap" (Spanish)

Download File

Switchboard Setup for IP Audio Codecs

Download File

USB to Ethernet Converters

Download File

Using Multiple Comrex Codecs Behind A Single IP Address

Download File

Static Routing 101 for ACCESS and BRIC-Link

Download File

Using SpaceX Starlink with Comrex Codecs

Download File
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The Comrex ACCESS Portable is a remote broadcast tool that provides utility and portability, but has limited audio I/O built-in. The portable includes one mic/line adjustable input on XLR, one stereo line level input on mini jack, and a headphone and line-level stereo output on mini-jack.

The ACCESS Portable Mixer accessory was designed to address these limitations for applications that require multiple audio I/O for remote broadcasts. The unit “docks” to the ACCESS Portable and expands the audio I/O to five mic/line selectable XLR Inputs and five stereo Headphone Outputs on 1⁄4″ jacks. All ACCESS Portable audio connectors remain active during use of the Mixer, so the total number of Input/Headphone connector pairs increases to six.

Note: We no longer sell the ACCESS Portable Mixer; however, we still provide technical support and can do repairs for as long as we are able to source parts.

Comrex Connect Modems

The Comrex Connect Modem is designed to support the unique needs of remote broadcasters. A high-powered, industrial strength 4G/LTE modem outfitted with a high-gain antenna, the Connect Modem is more powerful than most USB data modems available on the market, to handle the heavy data load of a broadcast over IP.

FW 4.5p6 or higher is required on ACCESS 2USB* to use the US Connect Modem.

*Some ACCESS 2USB units with serial numbers between 5000 and 6200 may require a hardware upgrade to be compatible with Comrex Connect Modems. For information about your unit, contact us. Please have the serial number or MAC address of your ACCESS 2USB unit readily available.

Leverage Two Connect Modems

Leverage the power of two Comrex Connect Modems with your ACCESS codecs for twice the reliability. CrossLock technology, our sophisticated custom reliability layer, bonds the available cellular networks and sends a single media stream, along with background and error correction information, resulting in a higher level of reliability for remotes.  

The bracket mount options for ACCESS 2USB Portable are a Standard Bracket with one pouch to accommodate one modem or an EXT Bracket with pouch to add a second modem. Both are designed to attach to the back of the ACCESS 2USB. Both are required to use two modems. 

Learn more about Comrex Connect Modems

Extra Small Case

Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof to ensure the best protection for your ACCESS Portable.

Exterior Dims:
L 15.4″ x W 12.1″ x H 6.8″

Note: We no longer sell the Extra Small Case for ACCESS Portable/2USB.

Small Case

Durable travel case, perfect for carry-on or shipping. Mixer cutout. Multiple foam inserts available.

Exterior Dims:
L 19.5″ x W 16″ x H 8.25″

Note: We no longer sell the Small Case for ACCESS Portable/2USB with optional Mixer.

Domestic Wifi Adapter

The recommended replacement is the TP-Link Archer T2U Plus, which is available from online retailers. 

** Only for use with ACCESS 2USB models running current firmware in the 4.x range. **

*Note: Similar model (Archer T3U Plus) is NOT compatible with Comrex codecs.


Stand-alone Rapid Charger


Perfect stand-alone charger for your ACCESS Portable batteries.

12V DC Adapter


Serial Cable


DB9F to mini-DIN 8M.

Contact Closure Cable


DB9M to mini-DIN 9M.

Spare Battery


ACCESS 2USB Power Supply (5 pin mini-din connector)


5 pin mini-din connector power supply for ACCESS 2USB. IEC Power cord not included.

Power Cord (IEC Socket)


Dock cover for Mixer port




Strap Bracket


Qty 1.  Order 2 if needed.




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